Renewable Diesel Terminal, Port Arthur, TX, 2023

An Oil & Gas Midstream Company was weeks away from going live with a Rail Facility consisting of 1.9 million barrels of refined product storage capacity, 16 miles of rail track with unit train and manifest service from two railroads, three barge docks, two ship docks, and pipeline connectivity to local refiners and major refined product distribution hubs.

To consolidate data and operations, we deployed Ignition just weeks before going live as railcar and truck deliveries approached. Its connectivity integrated PLCs, RFID readers, scales, and tank systems onto a unified IoT platform.

Ignition’s data modeling enabled rapid integration despite the systems’ diversity. we completed the rollout in just 6 intensive weeks whereas normal planning takes months. IDM delivered:

  • Inbound Manifest Integration.

  • Railcar visit records with Inspection & Repair.

  • Product Batching with Track & Trace for Recipes.

  • Balance & Reporting Schedules & Methodologies

  • Mobile Applications for Real Time Boots-on-the Ground Integration.

Landfill RNG Project, Canton, MI, 2022

The successful completion of a key Landfill RNG Project stands as a testament to IDM's capabilities in delivering comprehensive automation and systems integration services. Our partnership on this groundbreaking project not only sets a new standard in the RNG industry but also underscores our dedication to supporting renewable energy initiatives with innovative solutions and technical excellence.

IDM's Role:

At IDM, we leverage our extensive experience in industrial automation to offer turnkey solutions that encompass the entire project lifecycle—from conceptual design to full-service maintenance. Our role in the RNG project involved:

Comprehensive Integration: Merging advanced connected technologies with production equipment and business systems, IDM facilitated seamless process streamlining, enhanced communication, and added value across the organization.

Custom Automation Solutions: Utilizing our flexibility and expertise, IDM delivered custom automation solutions tailored to the unique requirements of the Landfill RNG project, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Technical Expertise: Our team of engineering and technical professionals brought unparalleled skills in SCADA and process facility automation to the forefront, driving the project towards success.

Safety and Efficiency: Keeping critical operations and safety at the core, IDM ensured that the Assai project was implemented with the highest standards of operational integrity and safety protocols.

Midstream Oil & Gas Pipeline & Facility Projects, Utica & Marcellus Shale,PA 2022

Leveraging Industrial Data Management's (IDM) expertise in providing turnkey automation and system integration services, This Midstream Project presents an unparalleled capacity to enhance the efficiency and reliability of midstream pipeline, storage, and gathering assets. With IDM's comprehensive capabilities spanning upstream to downstream sectors, we offer cutting-edge solutions that integrate sensor connectivity, network, and interface technologies to optimize the oil and gas value chain.

Our partnership embodies IDM's commitment to not only delivering a complete turn-key solution from the ground up but also ensuring ongoing support and service throughout the full lifecycle of the project. By harnessing IDM's proficiency in integrating connected technologies with production equipment and business systems, Our Midstream Client is poised to streamline processes, enhance communication, and add unprecedented value to its operations.

Our client's extensive infrastructure, including approximately 1,200 miles of transportation pipelines and over 1,000 miles of gathering lines, coupled with significant natural gas storage capacity, is complemented by IDM's flexibility and engineering prowess. This synergy facilitates the acceleration of business growth, innovation, and positive change, all while maintaining the highest standards of security and responsibility in real-time operations.

Our collaboration is not just about technology; it's about building a lasting service relationship that embodies IDM's quality with flexibility approach. By integrating IDM's comprehensive suite of services, from SCADA and DCS platforms to custom skid services and end-to-end solutions, DT Midstream is assured of a partnership that not only meets but exceeds the dynamic needs of the midstream sector. This project epitomizes IDM's ability to deliver solutions that are pivotal in connecting low-cost production areas to major demand markets efficiently and reliably, reinforcing our position as a cornerstone in the energy infrastructure landscape.