engineer and drawing paperIn many contracting jobs, the experience is “what you see is what you get.” And sometimes, that’s ok.

But what’s even better? When you get excellence — without seeing it coming.

Engineering has been called “the invisible profession.” In many types of projects, your results are judged by what you see when it’s done: the elegant design of a website, the graceful facade of a building, the power of a strong bridge.

But our clients tend to work on the kinds of projects that don’t have that kind of visibility. They are the creators of the pipelines, wind farms, slurry systems, and packaging plants that deliver our society’s most important assets: power, water, and food.

Engineering is what makes all those projects possible. It creates the most critical parts of a project, such as foundations, conduits, pipelines, transistors, and networks. But all these things are hidden under the surface. They’re not shiny, not flashy — in fact, when they’re done right, nobody notices them at all.

But WE do.

Industrial Data Management understands that engineering is usually invisible, only noticed when it doesn’t work. We take care of the details so you don’t have to. At IDM, we:

  • Design — Do you need a product or system implementation? No problem. We’d love to create it with you from the ground up.
  • Implement — When you face more complex challenges, we can analyze your systems, develop customized solutions, and ensure that those solutions are completed, installed, and tested.
  • Maintain — Once your systems are running smoothly, we’ll still be there, offering training, support, and even ongoing management services.

The best part? It all happens without requiring you to manage every step. IDM professionals take the time to understand your project, build the most experienced team, and make it happen. We’re the best kind of partner — the one you don’t worry about.

Welcome to our blog

We want to give you efficient, cost-effective engineering solutions that solve your problems and enhance your projects. That requires an open and collaborative partnership with our clients.

This blog is part of that collaborative effort. We know you need to stay in touch with ongoing trends and continually learn about creative solutions. In this blog, you’ll find:

  • Education about trends that can help you improve strategy and operations
  • Stories about real-life solutions to inspire creative solutions
  • Practical tips for implementing best practices with us and in your own organization

To meet the demands of your growing business, it’s essential that your engineering solutions are the best they can be. IDM brings the world’s best engineering talent to your project to provide the seamless, invisible solutions that allow you to take advantage of all your greatest opportunities.

What is your most pressing engineering challenge? We’re probably already working on a solution. To learn more about the trends that affect your projects and the solutions you need, contact us online, by phone at 720-222-9666, or by email at