1. Stay Safe Under Pressure

    by Lyza Fe Gongora Senior Process Control and Automation Engineer Pressure in business takes many forms and impacts organizations in different ways. But when it's locked inside a pipeline system, it has the potential to generate a catastrophe. That's the key reason we have Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) for pressure control. But in some pipeline applications, such solutions may simply not be en…Read More

  2. Close the BYOD Gap

    Almost overnight, it seems, permitting employees to bring their own devices to the workplace and use them to remotely access data and process controls has moved from a marginal activity to a mainstream practice. Nearly two-thirds of manufacturing companies now permit bring-your-own-device (BYOD) interactivity. But the trend has happened so quickly that only a fraction of firms actually have polici…Read More

  3. Automation Aids Energy Conservation

    Many organizations think of energy conservation as an important tool for controlling direct costs and increasing productivity. It is — but it’s also much more than that. It’s a vital element of the drive to meet global mandates requiring organizations to significantly reduce their carbon footprints. Industry is the biggest user of energy in the U.S., accounting for almost one-third of annual…Read More

  4. Modernize Your SCADA System: What’s Holding You Back?

    by Jeff England Senior Engineer Data is changing the way we live and operate, and the changes are especially evident in industrial processes such as energy production and utilities. Industrial leaders need better, faster delivery of data to enable better decision-making and dynamic, responsive operations. As a result, industrial organizations are demanding more from their Supervisory Control and D…Read More

  5. Security Has to Be Your No. 1 SCADA Priority

    by Jeff England Senior Engineer Seems like not long ago that people left their cars unlocked, put their front door keys under the mat, and taped their computer passwords to their monitors as easy reminders. Likewise, industrial producers have traditionally focused on making Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems more reliable, flexible, efficient, and productive, but not necessar…Read More

  6. Is Your Industrial Process Internet-Ready?

    by Gordon Maxwell What does your day look like in a connected world? When your alarm clock goes off at 6 a.m., it signals your coffee pot to begin brewing. At the gym, your smartwatch logs your heart rate and calories burned, then reminds you that you have an 8:30 meeting. On the way to the office, your car registers a high level of traffic; it sends a text to your assistant, who reschedules your …Read More