1. Modularity Is Scalability for Today’s SCADA Systems

    When you use a computer every day and discover you need to perform a new task, you don't automatically go look for a new PC; you seek out software that you can add to your existing machine to expand its capabilities. It should be the same with supervisory control and data acquisition systems, but that isn't always the case. Without a sensible pre-planning strategy, organizations can face replacing…Read More

  2. 5 Ways to Look for Security Vulnerabilities in Your Industrial Process

    by Liza Penarroyo Coordinator No business, individual, or government agency is immune to a cyberattack. Large processing facilities, nuclear plants, petrochemical companies, and other industrial environments make especially big targets for “hacktivists” and other cyber criminals. To close up the biggest security vulnerabilities in your industrial process, it’s important to ask questions, suc…Read More