The Internet of Things is perceived the 4th Industrial Revolution, by year 2020 there will be around 50 billion devices connected to the internet, IoT is a network of embedded objects that communicates, interacts with the external environment, interconnecting these devices in real-time will enable sharing and interconnectivity to help plant operators to effectively supervise, control and acquire plant running data and as a result both management and plant personnel can work collaboratively to make critical decision-making. IIoT will digitally transform your plant or factory run more efficiently thereby increasing quality and reducing operation costs it was also confirmed that it helps better manage in plant unscheduled shutdowns, troubleshooting and maintenance since these devices are equipped with self-diagnostics giving vital information before they fail.

Efficient asset management requires 3 steps: 1). Collecting data from sensors, devices, actuators and machines etc. 2). Sending data to central storage location, 3). Analyzing information and achieving real time insights.

Study confirmed that 80% of process data are stranded in the field because they are coupled devices with application that stops innovation and takes much time to setup due to interconnectivity problems, in order to address and overcome this issue, selecting the appropriate SCADA system is critical and should be equipped with the following:

  • Web based deployment
  • Unlimited licensing
  • Security and Stability
  • Easy expandability
  • Rapid deployment/development
  • Real-time control and monitoring
Ignition by Inductive Automation SCADA software supports all the above features that are the best fit for Waste Water, Mining, Power Substation, Renewable Energy, Oil and Gas, Food and Beverages and other related industries, develop by experts as system integrators to come up integrated solutions. Message Queuing Telemetry Transfer(MQTT) protocol develop by Cirrus Link for Ignition IIoT solution to decouple intelligent devices application for dramatic improvement in update of data, reduction 50% of bandwidth and in terms of scalability of infrastructure. Call us now at 720-222-9666 or log your inquiry in our website to know more about Inductive Automation solutions.

By: Nic Javier, PECE, MSc.
Senior Engineer-Automation