1. Close the BYOD Gap

    Almost overnight, it seems, permitting employees to bring their own devices to the workplace and use them to remotely access data and process controls has moved from a marginal activity to a mainstream practice. Nearly two-thirds of manufacturing companies now permit bring-your-own-device (BYOD) interactivity. But the trend has happened so quickly that only a fraction of firms actually have polici…Read More

  2. Automation Aids Energy Conservation

    Many organizations think of energy conservation as an important tool for controlling direct costs and increasing productivity. It is — but it’s also much more than that. It’s a vital element of the drive to meet global mandates requiring organizations to significantly reduce their carbon footprints. Industry is the biggest user of energy in the U.S., accounting for almost one-third of annual…Read More

  3. Modernize Your SCADA System: What’s Holding You Back?

    by Jeff England Senior Engineer Data is changing the way we live and operate, and the changes are especially evident in industrial processes such as energy production and utilities. Industrial leaders need better, faster delivery of data to enable better decision-making and dynamic, responsive operations. As a result, industrial organizations are demanding more from their Supervisory Control and D…Read More

  4. Augmented Reality: Off the Movie Screen, Onto the Production Floor

    by Gordon Maxwell What is augmented reality (AR)? For years, it was just an idea out of science fiction. It is the holodeck on Star Trek; the heads-up display inside the Iron Man suit; the alternative realities in Total Recall; the ability to explore an alien world in Avatar. But today, AR isn’t fiction; it’s part of our everyday world. Consider the yellow line showing you the first down as yo…Read More

  5. Human Machine Interfaces Go Mobile

    by Todd Bowolick In recent years, human machine interfaces (HMIs) have made leaps and bounds in their sophistication and functionality. One of the many drivers behind the evolution is a technology that we use every day: mobile devices. The emergence of smartphones and tablets has made a dramatic impact on the HMI industry in two major areas: remote monitoring and touch screens. Remote HMI monitori…Read More