1. Gear Up for the Next Industrial Revolution

    Most people don't realize that the much-heralded Internet of Things (IoT), which we wrote about a few months back, is actually better established and operational in the industrial environment than it is in the highly publicized consumer world. That's because the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is already integrated into automation solutions, using networking hardware and software to interlink…Read More

  2. Robots on the March!

    by Todd Bowolick Although humanoid-style robots grab all the media attention these days, the true stars of the automated real world are industrial robots. Although robots that look and act like humans are still mostly the stuff of fiction, more than a quarter million industrial robots are now helping push North American manufacturing to new levels of productivity. According to Automation.com, the …Read More

  3. Open Up a Path to Better Data Collection in Your Industrial Process

    by Rene Makalintal Lead Project Engineer Data drives operations in industrial processes. From energy and pharmaceutical production to food and beverage processing and mining, visibility into data means project managers, engineers, and operators can solve issues at their root causes, implement changes to improve efficiency and safety, and ensure compliance. However, not all systems are set up to de…Read More

  4. Is Your Industrial Process Internet-Ready?

    by Gordon Maxwell What does your day look like in a connected world? When your alarm clock goes off at 6 a.m., it signals your coffee pot to begin brewing. At the gym, your smartwatch logs your heart rate and calories burned, then reminds you that you have an 8:30 meeting. On the way to the office, your car registers a high level of traffic; it sends a text to your assistant, who reschedules your …Read More