1. Robots on the March!

    by Todd Bowolick Although humanoid-style robots grab all the media attention these days, the true stars of the automated real world are industrial robots. Although robots that look and act like humans are still mostly the stuff of fiction, more than a quarter million industrial robots are now helping push North American manufacturing to new levels of productivity. According to Automation.com, the …Read More

  2. 5 Top Considerations for SCADA

    by Todd Bowolick If automation is the brain of your industrial process, then your Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system is the neurons — the cells that collect and transmit information to every part of your body and ensure it is functioning properly. Your SCADA software interconnects all your process operations, allowing you to monitor and control every aspect across various re…Read More

  3. Human Machine Interfaces Go Mobile

    by Todd Bowolick In recent years, human machine interfaces (HMIs) have made leaps and bounds in their sophistication and functionality. One of the many drivers behind the evolution is a technology that we use every day: mobile devices. The emergence of smartphones and tablets has made a dramatic impact on the HMI industry in two major areas: remote monitoring and touch screens. Remote HMI monitori…Read More

  4. Where Are All the Engineers?

    It’s an exciting time for business: Industries from energy to medicine are ramping up. States and cities are looking to upgrade infrastructure, working on pipelines and water management systems. The Institute for Supply Management’s June 2015 report on the state of manufacturing indicates overall economic growth for the 73rd consecutive month and expansion in the manufacturing sector for the 3…Read More

  5. What You Don’t See Is What You Want

    In many contracting jobs, the experience is “what you see is what you get.” And sometimes, that’s ok. But what’s even better? When you get excellence — without seeing it coming. Engineering has been called “the invisible profession.” In many types of projects, your results are judged by what you see when it’s done: the elegant design of a website, the graceful facade of a building,…Read More